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Contax Zeiss Planar 50mm f1.7 with cheap chinese Canon EOS adapter

Just trying to show that the aperture stops down perfectly with this cheap adapter bought off ebay.

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Julio Gómez – Comparativa entre ópticas ZEISS CP.2, CANON CN-E y SCHNEIDER XENON

Una breve comparativa para Falco Films entre tres de los juegos de ópticas cinematográficas de entrada de gama más populares del mercado.

Julio Gómez es formador especializado en cinematografía digital y beta tester de equipos de cámara e iluminación de las principales marcas del mercado. Está firmemente convencido de que se puede aprender algo por medio del humor y de la existencia de un tal Super-Patatrón. No se lo tengáis muy en cuenta.




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Extensive comparisons between 5 different sets of Cinema Body and Cinema Converted lenses.

All video was shot in 4k DCI on a Sony PMW-F55 using the XAVC Class 480 codec. Shot in S-Log3 S-Gammut3.cine with a low contrast Arri LUT baked in. No grade was applied in post. All lenses were set to T4.

Use the timecode links below to jump to a specific lens or group of lenses.

Follow the video links below for brand only and side by side only videos.

00:12:22 Canon CN-E 14mm
00:31:08 Rokinon XEEN 14mm
00:51:10 Leica-R 19mm
01:11:12 Side by Side 14-19mm

01:51:17 Canon CN-E 24mm
02:13:03 Rokinon XEEN 24mm
02:34:06 Zeiss CP.2 21mm
02:53:08 Leica-R 21mm
03:11:22 Side by Side 21-24mm

03:49:02 Canon CN-E 35mm
04:08:05 Rokinon XEEN 35mm
04:27:08 Zeiss CP.2 35mm
04:46:11 Leica-R 35mm
05:05:14 Sony SLC 35mm
05:25:08 Side by Side 35mm

06:03:14 Canon CN-E 50mm
06:24:20 Rokinon XEEN 50mm
06:64:11 Zeiss CP.2 50mm
07:08:07 Leica-R 50mm
07:28:19 Sony SLC 50mm
07:50:13 Side by Side 50mm

08:34:02 Canon CN-E 85mm
09:00:12 Rokinon XEEN 85mm
09:27:03 Zeiss CP.2 85mm
09:53:09 Leica-R 80mm
10:17:19 Sony SLC 85mm
10:44:10 Side by Side 85mm

11:37:17 Canon CN-E 135mm
12:02:23 Rokinon XEEN 135mm
12:28:14 Zeiss CP.2 135mm
12:53:14 Leica-R 100mm
13:18:20 Side by Side 100-135mm

Canon Lenses Only

Rokinon Lenses Only

Zeiss Lenses Only

Leica-R Lenses Only

Sony Lenses Only

Side by Side Only

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2015 02 | Prime Test | Zeiss CP vs Canon CN-E 4k digital cinema lenses vs Walimex Pro

Prime Test
Canon CN-E Digital Cinema Lens 50mm T 1.3
Zeiss CP Compact Prime Super Speed 50mm T 1.5
Nikon Nikkor AI-S AI 50mm T 1.4
Canon EF USM 50mm T 1.4
Walimex Pro 50mm T 1.5

On a Blackmagic 4K with X-Rite ColorChecker Passport

Testing: Focus, Grid, Color, Focus way, followfocus,
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Last year in our booth at NAB, AbelCine showed a prototype of the new Canon CN-E 14.5-60 T2.6 Cinema Zoom lens. We were very impressed at the time, and in recent private testing, were even more pleased. Now that the release version is shipping, AbelCine’s optical technicians have put this new PL-mount zoom through a battery of evaluations, and we are very excited by the results. Canon states that the lens is “designed to fulfill contemporary 4K production standards,” and in our testing we found that the 14.5-60 performs right up there with the finest lenses available today.

In this video, I discuss some of the key features of this lens and explain how it performed when our technicians tested it using our optical calibration equipment.

Stay tuned for a report on the Canon 14.5-60′s sister lens, the Canon CN-E 30-300 T2.95-3.7 Cinema Zoom, due to ship in the coming weeks.
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Zeiss Batis – world's first PMOLED lenses available for pre-order

Zeiss Batis – world's first PMOLED lenses available for pre-order
It's no secret that Sony and Zeiss have a heavy affiliation, and this partnership has produced many auto focus lenses in the past, but these are usually made by Sony under Zeiss' specifications as Sony provides the electronics needed for the auto focus …
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PXW-FS7, Part 2: Getting a Grip, Looking at Lenses, Better Balancing, and More
Like other E-mount lenses, they pull focus “normally”, like other cine / video lenses, but zoom “backwards”, like Nikon stills lenses. Both lenses have servo focus and iris mechanisms and Optical SteadyShot (OSS) stabilization. The FS7 can drive these …
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Development Team of the Leica Summilux-C Lenses Receives the Scientific and
The Leica Cine lenses set entirely new standards and have since become invaluable assets in the movie industry. Leica lenses were used in the filming of numerous major feature film productions over the last three years, including movies like Birdman …
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5 best lenses for shooting video with a Canon DSLR (with video examples)
All of the lenses I use listed below are under $ 1,000 – and, yet, the results can be perfectly acceptable, even at times amazing. Again, it comes down to goals. If you're planning to project 4K at a movie theater, well then you're probably already …
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Carl Zeiss Lenses – Compact Zoom CZ.2 cine lenses

ZEISS Compact Zoom CZ.2 Lenses Absolute flexibility and truly stellar performance. The new Compact Zoom CZ.2 lenses are as versatile as they are powerful and incorporate features never seen…

The Cine Lens Shootout – Rokinon 24mm vs. Canon 24mm vs. Zeiss 25mm

Lenses provided by To vote for the winner, simply “like” the lens of your choice in the com…
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ZEISS ELYRA P.1 Receives 2014 R&D 100 Award

ZEISS ELYRA P.1 Receives 2014 R&D 100 Award
ZEISS develops and produces solutions for the semiconductor, automotive and mechanical engineering industries, biomedical research and medical technology, as well as eyeglass lenses, camera and cine lenses, binoculars and planetariums. ZEISS is …