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TUTORIAL | Camera Set Up for External Speedlite Flashes for CANON DSLRs | Video

TUTORIAL | Camera Set Up for External Speedlite Flashes for CANON DSLRs | Video

Visit our website for more camera accessories: Check out this video to learn more about how to set up an external flash for most of the .

In Video 3 part 2 we take a look at the Flash Control menu on Shooting menu Tab 1 -.

Trust me, if you want to improve your photography, an add-on speedlite / flash / strobe is a wonderful accessory. It can be confusing trying to understand the .

We looked for the most asked questions about the canon speedlite 430EX İ-RT and made a tutorial about them. Watch our video to learn more. Get yours on .
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Neither is a real speedlite (speedlight), but they can enhance and work out in a pinch

1A78 CANON EOS 500D LCD Display Reparatur Tutorial Deutsch-Repair Guide /

Unser Geschäft „Kamera Handy Station” liegt in der Fußgängerzone Colonnaden 22.

Wir bemühen uns auch Ihnen eine möglichst breite Paillette an Zubehör und Equipment für sämtliche Handys und digitale Kameras anzubieten. Zum Beispiel Akkus, Aufladegeräte, Datenkabel, Kamerataschen, Handy-Hüllen. Handy-Schutzfolien und vieles mehr. Falls wir doch einen Artikel nicht vorrätig haben sollten, bestellen wir diesen schnell und unkompliziert für Sie.

As a digital camera and camcorder spare-parts wholesaler, we are at any time able to provide spare parts for nearly all kinds of cameras. We offer batteries, displays, CCDs, lenses and shells for nearly all digitalcameras, for example Canon, Casio, Sony, Nikon, Samsung, Lumix, Kodak, Ricoh and Fujifilm! We also provide all kinds of repair services!

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night light photography tutorial

night light photography tutorial Learn to shoot great photos and transforming them into breathtaking art. check out the link in video for more info
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2017 Canon Vixia HF R800 / HF R80 / HF R82 Camcorder Review / Tutorial – More of the same!

2017 Canon Vixia HF R800 / HF R80 / HF R82 Camcorder Review / Tutorial - More of the same!

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Canon’s latest Vixia Camcorder isn’t all that different from last year’s (or the year before that). It lacks a feature important for long recordings. See more camcorders: and subscribe! – index below:

00:24 – Pricing
00:28 – HF R800 vs. HF R82 vs. HF R80
00:54 – No difference over older models
01:15 – Max res 1080p 60
01:41 – Hardware overview
01:44 – Why a camcorder vs. a smartphone?
02:15 – Ports
02:28 – Outputs clean HDMI
02:51 – Had external mic input
03:20 – Internal storage
03:27 – Differences vs. HF R800
04:23 – Battery and battery life
04:47 – Marker 1
04:55 – Built in lens cover
05:13 – Length of power cord
05:32 – Difficult of manual controls
05:53 – Zoom controls
06:09 – Difficulties with long duration recordings
06:57 – Connecting camcorder to computer
08:58 – Feature overview
09:09 – Recommendations for what mode to use
09:35 – Pre-Record feature
10:13 – Manual controls
10:48 – Adjusting record quality
11:32 – 60p recording disables Wifi remote control feature
11:54 – Speed of autofocus
12:00 – “Lock on” focusing
12:21 – Face recognition for focusing
12:51 – Using Wifi features
13:07 – It will not work as a webcam
13:15 – Required mobile apps
14:03 – Initiating Wifi on the camera
14:24 – Using Camera Access+ (remote control app)
15:56 – Transferring video off the camcorder wirelessly
16:59 – Image quality
17:13 – Low light advice / grainy image

First: I recommend not choosing this model and instead opt for the much lower cost HF R800. Canon is charging a 0 price premium for the HF R82. The only things gained for that price difference is the 32 GB of internal storage and the Wifi remote control feature which isn’t all that great.

Canon’s low-end consumer models have not changed much over the last several years, even though they come out with a “new” version each year. In my testing this camera performs and feels the same as the HF R500 / HF R50 models that were introduced several years ago.

The only big change I can see on this camera vs. last year’s model is the removal of AVCHD recording. It now records to MP4 files only which will make it easier to copy videos to a computer but will introduce difficulties when recording for long periods of time with older SD cards. You’ll end up with separate files every 15-30 minutes. The only way to get a continuous recording is to drop it into editing software and stitch the files together. Not good.

Battery life is excellent, with the battery easily providing two hours of recording. Canon started including the larger battery a few years ago and it really is nice to see a useable battery get packed in the box without having to make an additional purchase.

The Wifi remote control with a smartphone works but has a ton of latency (usually about a second and a half back to your phone). That latency can be lowered but the connection from the camera to the phone is not as reliable. It looks like the app really hasn’t changed all that much in the last several years and is really not worth the price premium in my opinion. Canon used to pack in a physical remote control that was more useful.

All in it’s a nice camcorder but no different than the one they introduced several years ago. If you can find older models on clearance there really isn’t much of a difference. And I think the features on 82 vs. the 800 does not warrant the 0 price premium. So if all you need is a camcorder and don’t need the Wifi go for the HF R800 – it’s a great value.

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Canon Speedlite 600EX II RT Flash Tutorial (FAQ)

Learn to use the Canon 600ex RT II flash in this FAQ video tutorial. This how-to video will answer the most frequently asked questions about this shoe mount speedlite flash.

Buy on


– Guide Number: 197′ at ISO 100 and 200mm.
– 2.4 GHz Wireless Radio Transmission.
– Compatible with Canon E-TTL / E-TTL II.
– Zoom Range: 20-200mm (14mm with Panel).
– Tilts from -7 to +90°
– Rotates Left & Right 180°
– 1.1-1.5x Improved Continuous Shooting.
– High-Speed, 1st & 2nd Curtain Sync.
– Bounce Adapter & Hard Color Filters.


1. Differences [0:56]
2. Canon T3I [2:34]
3. USB [3:19]
4. Wireless Settings [3:43]
5. Zoom Range [5:15]
6. Spread of Light [5:55]
7. AF Assist [6:16]
8. Optical Wireless System [6:47]
9. Wireless Flash System [7:36]
10. Sleep Mode [8:35]
11. Custom Functions [9:29]
12. Confirmation Beep [10:25]
13. Third Party Triggers [10:55]
14. Third Party External Power Supply [10:02]
15. Factory Reset [12:57]

If this video helps you, remember to like this video and subscribe to our channel.

Happy shooting!

– Izzy


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Canon Speedlite 600EX II RT Flash Tutorial with Most Asked Questions (FAQ)
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In this series of tutorials, “Action Photography with the Speedlite 600EX-RT Radio System,” Explorer of Light Tyler Stableford takes us to the legendary Snowmass Terrain Park in Snowmass, CO. where he utilizes the radio functionality of the 600EX-RT Speedlite system to achieve a perfect balance of ambient and Speedlite lighting, creating dynamic action photos and portraits in tricky shooting situations.

In this video, Tyler sets up a dynamic shoot at a halfpipe and rail feature in fading evening sun. Watch as he utilizes the power and range of the radio functionality in the 600EX-RT Speedlite units to perfectly light and capture these athletes as they preform tricks off of the snow features. Tyler also shows us how well the 600EX-RT Speedlite system is able to keep up with the EOS-1D X body as he captures an action sequence at a blistering 12 frames per second.

To watch the rest of this series on the Canon Digital Learning Center, click here:

BATTERY GRIP TUTORIAL | Difference Between Original Vs. Third Party Battery Grips

Do third party aftermarket battery grips work the same as the original battery grips? On this video we’ll use the 7D and 7D mark II as an example, watch to learn more.

Get the right battery grip for your camera on at our website:
Get a battery grip for your Canon 7D Mark II at our website:


– Vertical shutter release/control buttons, and easy power on/off switch.
– Anti-slip rubber surface for improved ergonomics and handling.
– Additional AA battery holder.
– Same functions as the original Canon battery grip.
– Universal female threaded tripod receptacle.

For Canon 7D:

– The Vivitar BG-E7 Battery Grip is compatible with the Canon EOS 7D Camera. Also has the same functions as the Original Canon BG-E7 battery Grip.

For Canon 7D Mark II:

– The Vivitar BG-E16 Battery Grip is compatible with the Canon EOS 7D Mark II Camera. Also has the same functions as the Original Canon BG-E16 battery Grip.

BATTERY GRIP TUTORIAL | Difference Between Original Vs. Third Party Battery Grips | Canon 7D Mark II Battery Grip & Canon 7D
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Me Project Tutorial 410 Scanning Images with Canon Scanner and Windows XP

TUTORIAL | How To Attach a Lens Adapter Tube for CANON A Series Cameras (Video)

Visit our Amazon store:
Or, visit our website for photography equipment:

Check out this video to learn more about how to use the Adapter Tube for Canon A Series Cameras.


– Specifically designed for your camera for a tight and secure fit. No wobbling or cross-threading.
– Tube adapter screws onto the front of your camera to allow for mounting of telephoto, wide angle lenses, filters, caps, lens hoods, and other accessories of 52mm.
– Made of durable aluminum metal (not plastic).

TUTORIAL | How To Attach a Lens Adapter Tube for CANON A Series Cameras (Video)
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mount M42 Lenses On Canon tutorial ( 550D,600D,60D,7D,5D…)

you can’t watch here ? here a text tutorial on how to mount m42 lens on canon :
you need adapters ? here is a list to choose :

check M42 Store at :

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Canon EOS – Chris Bray Creative Tutorial: Canon DSLR Lenses

Canon EOS - Chris Bray Creative Tutorial: Canon DSLR Lenses

Discover which DSLR lenses are best for your photography. This tutorial will introduce you to landscape lenses, action lenses, creative lenses and everyday standard zoom lenses. Chris Bray guides you in choosing a DSLR lens. Join in, find the inspiration for your photography and share at
Video Rating: / 5

The Olympus OM to Canon EOS Lens Adapter from Fotodiox Pro lets you mount an Olympus OM mount lens onto your Canon EOS camera body.

Click here to buy your OM to EOS adapter today:

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