Majestic Maersk

Some cool Canon EF Lens images:

Majestic Maersk

Image by Karibouski
Camera : Canon EF
Lens : Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 SSC
Film : Exp. Superia 400

Bed of (Pink) Roses

Image by StephenMitchell


Image by infomatique
I had planned to visit the major cities of Ireland at least twice per year so I cannot believe that it is two years since I last paid a visit to Belfast.

I am planning a three day visit to the city towards the end of this month and it should be interesting to see what has changed. If anyone wishes to suggest some locations for me to visit please do so.

I am also hoping to try out some new equipment such as the Canon EF Lens to Sony NEX Smart Adapter (Mark III)by Metabones [still waiting delivery … apparently the MK IV has been introduced since I placed my order] and the Sigma DP3m camera [which may not arrive in time]. The reason for the adapter is that the Sony NEX-7 is now my preferred camera for street photography but I have a number of top class Canon lenses which I would like to continue using. Sometime next year I would like to switch to the Sony A7R but as I cannot finance both the body and the necessary full-frame Sony lenses I need to avoid the requirement to purchase new lenses.